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Finally finished rewrite of Squirrel, Hawk, Hook.  It needs a different title.  But I'm pleased with myself because for a while there I didn't think I could make the story work and give poor young Burn the agency he needed.  

So now I'm off to do some more work preparing for the art-and-craft exhibit Sept 14/15.  "Exhibit" is a fancy word for we do a heck of a lot of work and can't sell anything to people who come to look.  I'll give them my business card and hope.  If this yoar comes to nothing, I won't do this again.

Then I'm going to get back to the trunk stories I really like.  I'll upgrade them with my Clarion wisdom (let's hope I have some) and start sending them out.  I signed up for the Sept 2 crit session.  The days are getting fewer and fewer.

My car is now fixed up to repair it's Seattle scars.  And, I admit, a few Minnesota scars it had before I left.
Everyong keeps asking me what happened.  (Car rental folks, Body shop, Friends) and all I can say is User Error, User Error.

I'm thinking about considering whether or not to write "clean house" on my calander for some future date.  

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Finally uploaded the pictures I *really* want for my journal.  

It's taken a while to reclaim my life--which is to say get back to writing.    I'm rewriting Squirrel, Hawk, Hook.  
It proved more difficult than I thought it would be.  When I'm done, I'll be looking for a YA / boys market.  Never thought I'd see the day ....  

Feels really good to be writing again.

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